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Polymorphism In Delphi


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i wanted to make this simple Crypter Stub (not the body that is crypted) polymorphic which is on every crypting exe generating diffrent kind of code for the Stub, just like morphine. but i have no idea technically what Polymorphism looks like other that the Definition :)

the defnition says Polymorphic exe is a program which generates different code algorithm on every execution, can it be done with delphi code show me how please for i have attached some delphi simple xor crypter.

here is the Stub Code -->

procedure AddExeLoader;

procedure _load_iat; stdcall; forward;

procedure _load_code(lpLoadLibrary, lpGetProcAddress: Pointer; lpSectionBegin: DWORD); stdcall; forward;

procedure _loader; stdcall;


call _load_iat

call _load_code



uall's code



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