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[unpackme] X86 Virtualizer

Teddy Rogers

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I didnt see this on the site in a quick search. The program, source, doc, and test files, same test files as already posted.

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Extreme Coders



This is a project that aims to devirtualize & disassemble applications that have been virtualized using x86virt.

It is a reverse engineering project and all implementation seen here was reverse engineered out of a protected binary file / crackme hosted on tuts4you.com at the following address: https://tuts4you.com/download/1850/

x86 Virtualizer is an open source project located at the following URL: https://github.com/rwfpl/rewolf-x86-virtualizer

Since this project aims to build practical experience reverse engineering applications protected using a VM, the open source project was never referenced during the development of this project and all implementation is based entirely on what has been reverse engineered out of protected executables.


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