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Il Assembly References


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Introduction to IL Assembly Language

* I took it from a CodeProject site and converted it into pdf :X


The IL Assembly Language Programmers’ Reference

* thx to Angel-55 for the link. I've also converted it into pdf


PS: I found it hard to get good introductions into this upcoming topic.

If you know any others, pls add them :)

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Try this site for more IL information.

The IL Disassembler
The .NET file structure
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There are a couple of links on asmcommunity on the topic of ilasm, both of which contain examples here and here.

Many thanks to their respective authors, and to you guys above for your references.


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Ah! I presume you port the web page over to OpenOffice then save it in PDF?
Yep, the one, which was a web page - and it took me a while.. 8x

background colors, special word colors, etc.. 8x

thank god, the others were just docs.

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