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[unpackme] Maxtocode V3.2


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And the unpacker doesn't work either :D

The only generic unpacker which at least dumps it is the one by Huihong Luo.

You still have to fix something "GUID blah is invalid", looked it up in the Ecma doc but that didn't really help either.

I totally stripped the GUID stream but something else seems to be broken, no clue what exactly.

There's something wrong with volume/file paths, always shows this 0x7B error :/

.NET hack0rz FTW :sorc:

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Mate that DLL is themida protected :P My modded Olly doesn't work on Vista so I'll pass til I get my laptop fixed. Which at this rate is never :P

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Mate that DLL is themida protected :P
Yes, PE Detective gives 135 matches on Themida 1.8.x.x - and nothing else.

This seems to be actually Themida speaking to us - and nobody else.

Btw, further on..

Can I protect my .NET applications with Themida?

Yes. To do so, you need to acquire Themida Professional with .NET support. Only .NET Exe can be protected. In a near future we will add support for .NET DLL protection.

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