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[unpackme] Rlpack 1.19


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RLPack 1.19 [NT only] unpacking challenge:

Your objective is to unpack the file deASPack.exe. To achieve this you can do anything you can think of. There is only one rule. Your unpacked file must unpack crackme.aspacked.exe file in such manner that file verify.exe says that the file unpacked.exe is valid. You can only modify/unpack the file deASPack.exe and any of your patches to it must not use the information obtained from the original unpacked.exe produced by the packed deASPack.exe. This means that your unpacked deASPack.exe file must create the valid unpacked.exe without patching it to write original data by force to unpacked.exe.

To verify that everything works fine run deASPack.exe and unpack the file crackme.aspacked.exe with it. Then run verify.exe which should tell you that the file unpacked.exe is valid.

If you solve this challenge please tell me your observations about the protection itself. Also note that this is not the original 1.19 version. This version has been modified so that the security of the Full Edition users is not threatened by potential plugins/scripts/unpackers.

The best will be reworded!


Good luck, ap0x

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I can tell you the OEP but the rest is just uber :/

Import redirection sucks really hard and stolen code is harder than in previous versions :/

Besides, Imprec plugins dont work for me with phant0m, I need HWBPs though :x

Nice job, ap0x :D

I'll see if I continue this tomorrow, OEP is enough for me :D

Gotta care about TLS as well, argh :o

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**** :X

There are even stolen APIs WTF

I managed to repair the jumps with a script, works pretty well, just gotta fix the apis, my old imprec plug doesnt work anymore...

time to recode but MASM moans and I dunno why...hm

Since when are there stolen APIs, man you really developed RLPack very well :D

Gotta stop now, my eyes really start burning. Hope I can come up w/ something tomorrow, let's see how hard TLS and DLLs are going to be...

Edited by Killboy
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Yeah, I'm finishing up some code right now for imports.

I attached to the process for now, since there was some weird crash going on for me after RLP loaded all the DLLs. I lost patience with it and just attached and started observing the Import redirection. Nothing too hard really, redirects em all to a central routine which then decides where they will go in a temporary mem zone. In this temporary mem zone it then executes all the commands in an API up to the first call/jmp, then it jumps back to the real API. Have yet to observe anything else. I'll go and look at that antidebug again now :)

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Imports aren't that hard, as you said. My ImpRec plug resolves about 90%, leaving a few fully stolen APIs and the redirected virtual file stuff unfixed.

I dumped the virtual files, but the headers look weird, seems they need to be fixed.

Still gotta find out the files' names, prolly the ugliest part :/

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No it is not RLP 1.19 since there is no such thing. It is RLP 0.7.4. Shoooo already solved it but if you unpack it you will still be reworded.

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Yeah he is a great guy :) Thanks to him I found some weak spots. So expect an even more challenging unpackme next time :)

Edited by ap0x
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Why did I even start unpacking, like I could stand a chance :D

I temporarily give up on this one (I couldn't be rewarded anyway, seeing 2 solutions posted, whatever that reward is), got some other personal stuff to do. No, that's not an excuse for being unable to unpack it :P

Maybe I can take a closer look at it next week, let's see.

Nice work :worthy:

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There import very simply :) approximately here so:

var pntf

var pnt1t

var pnt2t

var fnc

var oep

var iat_st

var jmpf

var pax

var chk_eax

mov pax,004B4984

mov iat_st,00461000

mov pntf,004B499A

mov pnt1t,004b4971

mov pnt2t,004b4964

mov oep,004b17e4

BPHWS 4b02c1,"x"


BPHWC 4b02c1


repl eip, #750F#, #EB0F#,BC

repl eip, #7410#, #EB10#,BC

BPHWS pntf,"x"

BPHWS pnt1t,"x"

BPHWS pnt2t,"x"

BPHWS oep,"x"



cmp eip,oep

je quit


cmp eip,pntf

jne loop

mov chk_eax,eax

and chk_eax,FF000000

cmp chk_eax,0

je loop

mov [iat_st],eax

mov fnc,iat_st

add iat_st,4


mov jmpf,ebx-2

bp pax


bc pax

mov [jmpf],#FF25#

add jmpf,2

mov [jmpf],fnc

jmp loop



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