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Guest xeniter

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Guest xeniter

i cant join irc, because of a connection error

i dont know why i cant connect, my friend has also the same problem

i have forwarded my router to my pc, so why he cant look up the hostname??

here is my irc log:

[19:36] * Disconnected


[19:36] * Connecting to irc.servercentral.net (6667)


[19:36] -irc.servercentral.net- *** Processing connection to irc.servercentral.net


[19:36] -irc.servercentral.net- *** Looking up your hostname...


[19:36] -irc.servercentral.net- *** Checking Ident


[19:36] -irc.servercentral.net- *** Couldn't look up your hostname


[19:36] -irc.servercentral.net- *** No Ident response


[19:36] Closing Link: (*** Banned ) --> why bannend??

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I don't know, if this is the right answer for ur question,

but if u're really from austria, it might be.

Iirc some weeks ago, there was real pinhead on irc,

and he had an austrian IP. I don't remember why,

but there was only one way to get rid of him -

banning whole austria. Well, I didn't do that.. :D

I might be wrong..

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Teddy Rogers

If someone from the same ISP as you has been acting a goat on IRC it is very possible that one of the IRC servers (not channels) that you are connecting to has blocked everyone from that IP range.

The best way to fix it is to use another server othr than irc.servercentral.net that connects to EFNet. There are heaps of them, Google is great... :thumbs:


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Guest xeniter

it was my nickname

i dont know why, but the nick "xeniter" is banned on the server

with other nicks i can connect

my friend has connect with "xice", maybe this nick is also banned

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I don't wanna start a new thread about it, that is my issue:

"08-19 @00:27:25 #snd unable to join channel (need correct key)"

About a month ago I connected last to #SND,

Any help appreciated - mIRC 6.21

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  • 1 month later...

It's been pretty empty lately...

I haven't seen some people for several months now, and I stopped visiting there when I raped my mIRC installation to death...

Too lazy to reconfigure the whole crap again x(

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People seldom chat on Irc because some asshats get on and start requesting.

Asking for files and other such stupid things. Read the topic and have a great time!

Don't read the topic and get yer *** banned .


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  • 2 months later...
#SND isn't our channel - at least one that I know of to be ours... :dunno:


So what is the offical channel name of SnD?

I am on Efnet most of the time, So I thought I would pop in and say hello, thats if anyone from this forum hangs in there??

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No way your provider is banned on an IRC server, even then you can try any of the other servers (there are loads of them, mIRC also offers random server usage on each connect to a network)...

Impossible you have problems on ALL servers, I also get those messages from time to time, then I would just reconnect on a different server and everything's fine...

BTW Why do you have 2 ISPs ? Are you on dialup ? Or are you using 2 phone lines :o

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One ISP i use all the time, other is plain old dial-up (used as a backup, when dsl is out for some reason)..

I am not much of a irc fan, but few weeks back i tried it (from this forum i think - cant find that link jus now..) it was an applet or something like that.. it said something like your IP is blacklisted or banned i dont recall.. i dont even have irc client installed on my pc.. i guess its time to get one..

does this forum have an irc page/applet at all, or i just misplaced something?

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