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Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
The book is, unfortunately, now out of print. International Thomson decided to drop their Computer Press division, and this title was one of those to be dropped after copies ran out. The copyright was returned to the author, who has now created an online version at http://www.scifac.ru.ac.za/compilers. This site also contains compressed downloadable files of the online edition, and files from which a paper copy may be produced on an HP Laserjet compatible printer.

Written to support a practically oriented course in programming language translation, this book combines theory, practical applications and the use of compiler writing tools to give students a solid introduction to the subject.

Key features of the book:

* Highly accessible in approach, it provides a sufficient level of theory without overwhelming the reader with too much mathematical detail

* Extensive case studies of translators are interspersed throughout, allowing the reader to view the theory in practice

* C++ is used for the illustrations in the text, whilst source code for all of them is provided on the accompanying disk in C++, Modula-2 and Pascal.

* Stressing the importance of compiler tools in modern practice, the book describes the use of a powerful tool (also provided on the disk) for generating recursive descent compilers in C++, Modula-2 or Pascal. The compiler generator, Coco/R, is used as this is simple, fast and clean and very understandable for this level of student.

* Recognising both the importance and complexity of object-oriented programming at this level of instruction, the author has made a careful choice of limited OOP features

* A comprehensive set of exercises allows the reader to develop the material further at many different levels



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