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Write Your Own Programming Language Using C++...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
Writing a custom scripting language is much easier than you may believe. It?s a matter of knowing where to get started. Many commercial products include scripting languages. AutoCAD has AutoLisp and PROCOMM PLUS includes ASPECT. Visual Basic can be used as a Windows scripting language. A scripting language adds a professional quality to any program.

This book covers implementing a simple scripting language, CALC, and its big brother Until that can be added to any interactive C or C++ program written with any ANS C compiler including Borland C++ and Turbo C++. The code included with this book is compiled with Borland C++, which is a popular product of Borland International, Inc. CALC is a minimal implementation of a threaded interpreter called Until (for UNconventional Threaded Interpretive Language) and an RPN compiler named CALL for Callable Application Language Library. CALC includes fewer than 50 primitive macros while Until has more than 300 primitives including the C string and I/O libraries.



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