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Teddy Rogers

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When I download it and try to open with winrar and 7zip, i get a unexpected end to archive error. Downloaded multiple times. :unsure:

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Me, too. :) Just wondering about the compression ratio - how good is it?

Hehe, just love those code parts: :D

0046949C	FF15 D8B04600	   call	dword ptr [46B0D8]			; kernel32.IsDebuggerPresent
004694A2 83F8 01 cmp eax, 1
004694A5 75 08 jnz short 004694AF
004694A7 6A 00 push 0
004694A9 FF15 D0B04600 call dword ptr [46B0D0] ; kernel32.ExitProcess
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From what PEiD says, it appears to be

bambam V0.04 -> bedrock * Sign.By.fly *

Short tutorial:

- bpm access on .text

- skip the REP instruction with F8

- run again - OEP; then dump

Attached unpacked target ;)


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I think this is the one where you just put a breakpoint on the first Ret, Run, Press F7, Dump with rebuild imports checked, works fine. :P

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