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[unpackme] Steelhide (former Molebox)


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SteelHide (former MoleBox)

Here key - PDLGY-X79SN-C5CKK--6vp3x-6ur94 (it is valid up to 18-th)

Probably new MoleBox will be such


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Added type of challenge to topic title...
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Teddy Rogers

SteelHide, as far as I am aware, is the name of the commandline found in the next version of MoleBox. It is still in beta and is only available to registered users of MoleBox.

Pavka, could you please in future state in the topic title what the crackme is ie. [unpackme], [keygenme], etc. It makes it easier for everyone looking through the forum index for something specific.

Many thanks... :)


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