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(a Mod B)


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please i want a source code with masm for calcul ( a mod B )... :(


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xor edx, edx ; edx must be zero

mov eax, num1

mov ecx, num2

idiv ecx

; eax = int (num1 / num2); => the quotient

; edx = num1 mod num2 ; => the reminder

It's simple :P

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no no,

Um, you might have to be a little more explicit than that about what you want

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I suspect he means masm syntax such as

.if (10h mod 2)
; do something
; do something else

though he may find the assembled code not quite as he expected.

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In fact, I want to create a new encryption algorithm similar to something RSA but it is difficult ...

By Assembly .A language other langue...

Tell them very soon.

thnks For all

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