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Writable Virtual Drive


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Daemon Tools,Alcohol,etc. let you mount an image to a virtual drive,

but they're for pre-made images. And the mounted image is not writable at all.

Is it possible to make a virtual drive which is writable? To select it from

any of the burning softwares, and the burned data will be written to an image file

on the hard drive.

I found some solutions - open source virtual drive makers, but after hours of discovering

the code,I realized that I don't have enough experience to upgrade it. And I also don't

know is it generally possible.Any solution?

found sources:




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What are you trying ?

You could use a UDF format Cd for this ?

I guess the file tree of an iso is not made for on-the-fly updates, therfor they made the UDF spec.

When one file is changed, the complete filetree needs to be rewritten to the iso.

2nd problem is the dynamic growing of the iso. I think this could also be a problem

By the way: the links you posted ARE nice, create a volume in a file.

Like the Truecrypt drivers, but except the encryption part :-)

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With UDF I can't do anything,cuz there is the same problem. In my original post, I wanted to create a simple virtual drive. And from an another application, for example from Nero or any other program which can burn real discs, to burn with the virtual cdrw drive to an iso or any other kind of image file.

Here is my original problem. There is a program: HDD Regenerator. To use the software, you have to burn a bootable disc from the program. But I want to extract it by this way, without burning a real disc.

I found a software called Original CD Emulator, and theoretically it is possible to do the job with it. But after minutes =) of discovering the program I realized that it isn't possible, although on the website of the application they clearly says that it does the job.

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