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Guest -IeNz-

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Guest -IeNz-


I developed some keygens written in Visual Basic 6.0 BUT i believe that i have compatibilty problems when i am trying to execute the compiled exe files on computer system without the Visual Basic runtime files (.OCX etc).... :(

Any solutions how can i avoid these type of problems?! Can i attach these #%$#% runtime files in my program code?! (I just want to have a compatible keygen written in Visual Basic on an xp system without any "x file is missing" problems...)

I already know that unistalling VB and have a fresh start programming in asm is a good solution... :D

Thank You in advance :)

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I think that the VB runtimes are installed by default on an XP system (although I don't use VB so I could be wrong).

If not then use something like thinstall to bundle the needed files.

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Guest Death

If what your saying is that you need the (x) .ocx to be installed on the machine in order for the programs to run correctly then it's pretty simple... include the .ocx with the keygen and make sure to install the (x) .ocx into the windows system directory and register it.


Way back in the day.. i wrote a program that used the "coolbuttons.ocx" however... if i sent it to a friend who didn't have that .ocx then the buttons wouldn't show correctly. Hope that makes sense and is what your looking for.

Alternative... create an installation and have the installer put it in there for them and register it for em.

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Not all Run-Times Loki ;)

some of them are indeed in the system's directory but even though he might be talking about others that are used for a specific reason to run the app and not in the system :D the easiest way is using SFX - Self Extracted File to be sure the file is always found when needed to run the app try it will work 100% else a setup package as Death said "not recommended from :D " but ti's your choice you decide ;)

the 3 solution is recoding it in another language which is definitly not what you want to :P !!

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Another way is that if it is a special .ocx or .dll just add it to your resource file and when the program executes write code for it to drop it into the current folder or drop it into the windows system folder, if dropping into the current folder you could always write code for it to delete the .ocx file when closing the keygen, I did this when writting a front end gui for UPX packer.

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it's still odd.... I have used many .ocx extensions for vb, and never have I had an error, not anywhere on a pc, even when I used some rare .ocx if I am correct, you only need it to setup your progamm, for the rest... you don't need it,, it packs the stuff it provides into the programm..

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Am sorry but u r wrong if u use a .ocx file in vb project then u need it for ur app to run it right if not it will give u an error for the missing .ocx file :|

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