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Puting A Registeration System On An Exe

Guest quantumfusion

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Guest quantumfusion

Hi all RE Experts, I would appreciate if you can help a noob here.

Ok , i have a server application(only binary code no source) that i have added additional functions-using olly . I would like to add a protection system to this server application. Thus ,i wrote a VB application which will ask for serial key and automatically close the program if the serial key is invalid . Also ,it will allow the user to carry out 30 mins trial. The serial key will be specific to each computer based on the hardware ID and MAC address . I would like to integrate this VB application to the server file so that it can protect the file . How do i do that so that it will not be recognised as a virus by most anti-virus softwares.( i have no experience in integrating VB code to files ). Also , am i on the right path to achieve my purpose ?


Quantum Fusion , Noob in RE

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I don't think that's the right way to go. You'll have to learn some asm for this purpose. You could change first few bytes of code (preserving original ones) in the "server" application so that it would run your VB application but simply deleting your VB exe would leave the other file unprotected. Get source code of some exe packer and modify it to your needs. FreddyK had a nice example of how to add your code into existing (I think it was this one http://www.plugplay.com.au/~freddyk/files/sectionAdd.zip). But you'll have to know ASM for that. Easiest I can think of is some simple PE Protector written by SMoKE in Delphi. I guess it was called SmokesCrypter... Just add your code to appropriate place in the source, compile and protect target file.

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