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Updating Profile Buttom Gone :(


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hey Ted ... it's been a while since i've registered here ... but when i came here i was like :o:o the site has changed much ... to the better though :);)

anyway ... i found this thing in the cp and though u guys should know about it ... look at the screen shot :)

btw ... it's the same all over the cp :( u should fix the scrolling in the new skin


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I appologize that i never replied. I did look into this issue, but 'm not sure if it fixed or not. I looked at the control panel on two different pc's with all three major browsers and couldn't duplicate the problem seen in the screen shot. I also tried dropping my screen resolution down to 800x600 to see if resolution had any impact, but this didn't cause any problems :dunno:

Are you still experiencing this issue? Is anyone else?

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