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Problems Concerning Transperency


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you mean transparency or region?

because i dont see that this window is transparent, only ugly cyan color, problem with region creators is that they use one colour to ignore and create region file, maybe this cyan is antialiased so it removes just edges of that cyan or magenta, i dont know how to name that ****ty colour:P

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Is that Picture in JPEG ? You should use bmp, I had the same error and that was the problem.

greetz B)

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so even with make 1 colour transparent it will make one transparent and as far i can see you have gradient there of that aquablue so i doubt it makes transparent whole range of it, too slow and too much compares

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The only way to get these little details is by editting the picture carefully and removing these colors they aren't the same transperant color which makes them noticed by us that the problem cause the RGN didn't include these colors to transperant maybe if you edit the picture and try removing them manually you'll get a better result bro' ;)

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Usually a quick way of fixing antialiased edges like this is to save a 16 color version of the bmp (just using paint) and use that to create the rgn file. The 16 color bmp file looks like crap but the edges will have the antialiasing removed.


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