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Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

I am happy to announce that we have a new and unique forum skin just for Seek n Destroy forum. It was nicely produced by Ecliptic so many appreciations and thank you's to him for his work on this :thumbsup:


Here follows a quick guide on how to see and use the new skin.

Scroll down to the bottom of the forum page, you can be either at an index page or viewing a topic, etc. At the bottom left under Board Statistics you should see IPB x.x.x Default and English at the bottom left of the screen.


Click on the IPB Default text to show a drop down menu. From there select Seek n Destroy.

The forum should automatically be updated so that it now uses the Seek n Destroy forum skin.

Skin Changes / Control Panel

With the new Seek n Destroy skin the control options have changed and certain menu options have been moved. Normal skins, such as the Default skin, usually have their options and menus placed at the top of the forum. In the new Seek n Destroy skin those options have been configured in to the control panel.

If you are viewing the forum under a low resolution screen mode and you think the control panel is a bad idea because the rest of the forum is squashed up fear not. Fortunately there is an option to Collapse and to Expand the control panel as and when you need to.


If you take a look at the top left of the forum page (when viewing the Seek n Destroy skin) under the logo you will see an option to "Collapse". If you click on this the control panel will collapse and more of the forum will be viewed on your screen. To expand the control panel again simply click at the same location but the text will now read "Expand"

Extra Menus

Extra menu options have been added to the control panel; Reversing Links and Useful Links.


These have been added to make and finding popular and useful links easier to find and use for you.

Bugs and Suggestions

If you have any bugs or suggestions for the skin please post those questions and suggestions here:



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