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Unable To Download From Tutsforyou Main Site

Guest Pixelated

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Guest Pixelated


I was downloading Lena's tutorials today and after 8 D/L I am getting a permission denied..Is this happening because of my status of "Newbie"? Curious to know if there is a cap in place so I know only to D/L a couple per day..I'm anxious to watch some more as the tutorials are excellent.

Thanks a lot.



Well I see that I have been banned from downloading for trying to pick up more than 5 tutorials in one day. I just want to say that I didn't mean to hammer the server.The tutorials were only a few mb so I didn't think ten of them would be a problem.In hindsight I shouldn't be so over-anxious.I do understand that bandwidth isn't free and that money has to come from somewhere (most likely the admins and higher members).I hope sometime soon I can get the ban lifted because I want to learn and maybe someday give back to the community.

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I'm not sure you would have been banned for downloading 5-10 tuts. There is a limit in place to stop people ripping the entire site but not a few tuts.

Have you tried downloading the tuts from here: http://www.jbfonline.net/sndtuts/

That might get you the ones you need for now.

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Guest Pixelated

Thanks Loki,I am able to connect there. However I can't connect to the main page either.I tried through a proxy and it allowed me and even displayed my user name on the top left hand side.So for whatever reason it's blocking me using my IP but not cookies. I'm not too worried about it right now,the forum is where it's at anyway. Thanks

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Not working for me.... :(

Shows me this error:

Error in counter.txt on line 82.
./tutorials/2-Reversing + General Byte Patching Tutorials/snd-reversingwithlena-tutorial28.tutorial.zip is already defined.
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