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Pio-#1 Crackme


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0047A517 - E9 305BF8FF JMP pio-#1_c.0040004C

00400040 C605 192F4500 EB MOV BYTE PTR DS:[452F19],0EB

00400047 - E9 B4310500 JMP pio-#1_c.00453200

0040004C C605 DCA44700 E9 MOV BYTE PTR DS:[<ModuleEntryPoint>],0E9

00400053 C705 DDA44700 5F5BF8FF MOV DWORD PTR DS:[47A4DD],FFF85B5F

0040005D FF55 08 CALL DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+8]

00400060 8BF0 MOV ESI,EAX

00400062 - E9 B5A40700 JMP pio-#1_c.0047A51C

is this how you mean.. just making it say registered after the button is pushed or make it start that way.. ??

no need to unpack it ;)

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Hum, guess I'm late today ?


Small appetizer for a crackme series ? :icecream:

Nice gfx !


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Small appetizer for a crackme series ? :icecream:

Nice gfx !

Yeah ;) This gFx is from Eclip :)

@ All other: Good Work :) Your solutions works fine :P

greetz B)

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