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How To Play Xm Music From Your Own Code...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
The perefect way to play XM music is by using the MiniFmod. since it is free to use, we can producereally cool keygens. i'v choosed keygens as the perfect taregt to play music on, as we all know its cool in the end. The best way to find our XM music is the mod archive located at: http://www.modarchive.com/. It is a huge archive, and allot of cool music can be found there, so just before coding, select ur file (recomended size : 2k-30k) i especially like the "Hybrid Song.XM", (i first heard it in a installer of Worms ) or "trainer.XM", but i am sure there are millions of them out there. Once we choose our music, we need to dump its content!! now, sicne this article is for Visual C++ coders, our dump is apparently C++ style hex. For the dumping rutine we will use Thigo's exccelent Table Extractor, located at protools/anticrack..or just google for it.



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