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Registry thingy, ProductId and stuff are clear, but

I got stuck at this loop:

If ForLoopControl.ForLoopInitObj(counter, 0, Me.readValue.Length, 1, (loopForResult), (counter)) Then
Me.c = Conversions.ToInteger(Operators.AddObject(Me.c, Operators.MultiplyObject(Operators.XorObject(obj3, left), &H25)))
Me.c = Conversions.ToInteger(Operators.XorObject(Me.c, obj3))
Loop While ForLoopControl.ForNextCheckObj(counter, loopForResult, (counter))
End If

I assumed 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices' as Namespace,

but it always raises an exception at the 'Loop While ForLoopControl.......'

So it's going the wrong way in my keygen ! :sick:

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