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Well.. hi everyone :)

Was trying to PM a a member here.. and oops! I don't have enough privileges.. maybe I need to boost my posts' amount :rolleyes:

The PM system betta be activated and not restricted. Otherwise.. people will just keep posting blabla all around (like i'm apparently doing right now :P ) to get rid of the "Junior" thingy next their nicks. and that's not cool at once. I'm not trying to tell you how to manage your stuff... really i am not. All i'm saying is, that this is much of an inconvenience for members like me... I need some help from that bro.. and your PM System is the only way to get in touch with him... How to do that? Well.. I Got now 10 posts.. and tomorrow I'll have 50 or so... LOL

No, really.. just think about it :)

Peace and greetz to all SND ,

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Teddy Rogers

This rule hasn't been created just to make life harder for the people using this forum. It is there to stop people from registering to this forum and spamming people. Believe me when I say (in my own case as a prime example) when the PM system was free and open to everyone you had individuals registering to the forum and sending me PM's with "please crack this", "its never been cracked - its uncrackable", etc. etc. I already get these kinds of messages from other forums and at first its quite flattering but after a few years of this it becomes very, very annoying.

If you seriously want to contact someone then you will either need to use the forum to leave your email address in a topic or post or use Live Discussions Community (IRC) link to talk with them.

If you spam the board to get our of the Junior group you will be moved to Locked Junior group and you will never be able to send PM's via this forum...


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"The PM system betta be activated and not restricted."

Huh? And you are?

I can think of no better way to get your A$$ kicked here by Teddy than to threaten to post bullshat.

Been tried before and some yo-yos got banned .Now Teddy just locks them into Jr. Group.

Read the rules and if there is someone you wish to contact then do it the right way. Irc/messengers,etc.

Or maybe ask someone nicely and stop being an a$$hole.


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Spamming the forum would not be wise.

Choose your next words carefully spartan for they may be your last! :lol:

Edited by zer0buRn
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@Teddy: I get it dude. I didn't mean that I'd myself actually spam the forum.. I was making a point: what people actually would do. cheers.

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