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Vm For The Masses - A Vm Compiler Incl Source By Orp@woodmann


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i have attached the complete sourcecode of a working vm compiler. this compiler was used for the 'impossible crackme' - crackmes

i have also included a brief explanation of everything

please keep in mind that this vm underwent some major changes (read the impossible crackme threads), thats why parts of the code are messy and smelly



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Cant for the life of me find where I've put this.

IIRC though, it does report an error. Think I went and found the original on woodmann and there is a post saying that the error should just be ignored.

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Hum, WinRAR won't let me extract them but always pops up saying unexpected end of archive. I cant just ignore the message and unpack despite it.

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3 mins, you had a pretty hard look there :P

Works fine, obviously there was something wrong with the posted one (60 kb compared to 1.4 - this can't work)

Thanks mate :teehee:

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