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Keygenme 3 / At4re! Manual Packed


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The flowers that you requested are not valid. Please contact flower publisher or...

Link's dead over here... :dunno:

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Hhhhhhhh nice One Mourad TASM/MASM

Or It's Actually A VB Application hehe Gotcha .....!!

And BTW, I Got My Serial And Found The Generation Routine !!

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Thanks for the Keygenme :P

Name: pioneer

Key: 51531792171049


0040362C /EB 00 JMP SHORT 0040362E

0040362E \EB 00 JMP SHORT 00403630

00403630 EB 00 JMP SHORT 00403632

Cheers B)


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Serial fishing is much easier than keygenning this keygenme ...

For serial fishing :

Name : SuperCRacker

Serial : 51543072215049

I'm looking to keygen it ...


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Name: UFO

Serial: 5053768119052

Hum... has it anti-smartcheck-stuff ?

Couldn't open it there...

BTW, what's this "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"-Thingy... ?? :mellow:

Just curious... ^^

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The Only Damn Problem Is That It's A VB Application And

I Wanted To KeyGen It Using MASM So I Hadded To Dig Deep

And Analyse In The VB DLL And GYet Functions Back From Regualar DLL's

Some Doesn't Have PARAM Others Do So I Had TO Know Which API's Decide The Values

After All I Was Almost Fone The Electricity Got Cutted So My Work Was All Gone A Real Damn

Thing that Happened So I'am Gonna Let It Tell Next Time That I'll Be Free In It Hell That Got Me Angry !!

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