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Copy Field To Clipboard

Guest StUd

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How i can copy the serial field to clipboard?

i don't know what is function :teehee:

the code is:

SerialBuffer 512 dup(?).code
if eax==IDC_COPY
invoke ???

Can you give me an example?

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.elseif EAX==IDC_COPY
invoke SendDlgItemMessage,hWnd,IDC_SERIAL,EM_SETSEL,0,-1
invoke SendDlgItemMessage,hWnd,IDC_SERIAL,WM_COPY,0,0

In attachment Keygen Template by Goppit


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If you've got no usual window_textbox,

or if it's for a selfkeygen,

then you could go like this:

.data ?
nLen dd ?
hMem dd ?
pMem dd ?
invoke lstrlen, ADDR String_2_Copy
inc eax
mov nLen, eax
invoke OpenClipboard, 0
invoke GlobalAlloc, GHND, nLen
mov hMem, eax
invoke GlobalLock, eax
mov pMem, eax
lea esi, String_2_Copy
mov edi, eax
mov ecx, nLen
rep movsb
invoke EmptyClipboard
invoke GlobalUnlock, hMem
invoke SetClipboardData, CF_TEXT, hMem
invoke CloseClipboard
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