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I can?t get it running.

It first of all asks for thousands of librarys which are needed but although I?ve downloaded them the executable still asks for them...


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I can?t get it running....
Same problem over here.

I'm even too lazy to go for the dlls... :mellow:

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erm does unpacking it count?

Ive stripped themida from it, just got to rebuilt the imports so that it doesnt just run on my pc.

(Themida replaces JMP DWORD XXXXXXXX with JMP XXXXXXXX, same for calls.)

I'll clean it up later and throw it on here for you all. (Themida isnt scary unless you have big files with lots of functions)

p.s, 99% sure that this cant be fished anyway (LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME!)

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good work, but the file is not working + size of file invalid

the origine size is 108 kb coded by VC++ (MFC)

thanks & try again

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