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Password Problems During Registration

Guest unRheal

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Guest unRheal

During registration, at the box where it says "Enter your password" - and there's a little (?) next to it, which, if you hover over it with your mouse, it says: "Passwords must be between 3 and 32 characters long"

Being as I am, I promptly flip to KeePass and generate a random 32 character password. Then I fill out the rest and and click "Submit my registration > >"

Then it drops me back at the same page with a box by the password section saying: "The password section is incomplete"

Many web sites/forums don't say anything about it, but they actually have a limited character set - thinking that I'd used too big a character set, I trimmed the set and tried again... I did this a couple more times till I was down to a plain alpha-numeric set, but still I had the same message.

So I thought maybe 32 characters was too high, and it was only "between 3 and 32" so really 4 to 31, but 31 didn't work... For lack of anything else to try, and because I knew other people were obviously getting on... I trimmed it to 30, then I think 28, and finally I went down to something like 18 and it let me in. (and, I'm happy to see that it did also let me choose a full character set) :)

So it might be good to either adjust the help comment to reflect the actual size limits or to modify whatever else is required to allow for the full 3 to 32 size range. No doubt changing the help comment is easier. ;)


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