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Masm: Resource Compiler Error Rc2170


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Does anybody have experience in saving GFXs in the right format ?

I mean in the format, in which the compiler needs it ?

When I try to throw in own icon- or tga-gfxs,

it always gives me this error:

Error RC2170: bitmap file *** is not in 3.00 format

When I use other files (not made by me) it works fine.

For example in Photoshop, how do I save a file in this "3.00 format" ?

Even with other tools... for example after using a BMP-To-Icon-Converter

the compiler says that it's not "3.00 format"... :/

Are there any ***-To-3.00 format-Conversion-Tools ???


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Thanks, GaBoR,

but it didn't help... :/


I cannot even open it in there, because of the same error... lol ?

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Guest oVERfLOW

I think you are saving a bitmap as an icon

and this is the problem

saving bitmaps in photoshop doesn't need any settings...

just click File > Save as...

but remember to let RLE Compression off

and you can change the image color depth by your choice to reduce the size or increase the quality...

if the problem persists upload the rc script here to look at...

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