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The Trashscan Problem


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I created a topic where i asked for help! but in a minute it had been moved to trashscan! Is automatically or my topic has been move by admins/moderators? It wasn't a crack request!

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Teddy Rogers

That is how I looked at it when I trashed it. Sorry but I've seen more than enough topics like this run in to crack requests whilst I've been helping to run this forum. Feel free to make a fresh post but it would be more than helpful if you can explain some methods you have tried, maybe even telling people what OEP you got, how far you completed restoring IAT, nanomites, etc. Simply posting a link to the release and listing what Find Protected says and stating that you have unpacked Armadillo many times before with this similar protection level doesn't really help anyone and doesn't in my eyes help me to moderate the forum and your particular post... :)


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