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Guest syncmaster


i've started to new thread because some help needed, to be precise it's a request ..

team REA has released "BitDefender Update Online Fixer" and they uploaded it into rapidshare, it's ok here ..

BUT, that archived file is password protected and team REA haven't give any password .. when you try to extract it asks for a password and because you don't know the correct password you can't fully extract that file .. to get a correct password team REA has made a target to be cracked and only then you can find a correct password .. that target is named "Crackme" and it is inside in that password protected file .. after failed extract you get only that target and *.txt file where's written only this:

NOTE : You need solve Crackme to find Password !

i have uploaded that password protected file here and i hope that somebody could take a look ..


P.S. i've tryed to talk with a member of team REA which has made this excellent release and he said that this release is only for a closed friends of him and that he has no intention to public this fixer to all ..

but there are so many people that use this one of the best antivirus and now there are so many problems with serials blacklisting, after that no posibilities to use updates and etc...

i hope to get some help/suggestions here. thanks to everybody.

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