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Keyboard Input Or Just Call Certain Dialog

Guest jedenuser

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Guest jedenuser

Hi I'm a noob and this is my first post. I have a question. I'm writing a little program to automatize use of my messenger (Gadu-Gadu). My problem is below:


I have used this: SendMessage(hDlg, WM_COMMAND, 1012,0) to send message to "Niedostepny" button and it works ok and opens the menu. But now how do I simulate move of the cursor over "Opis.. " menu item and press "Enter" button? Or could I send a message to that menu to execute that menu item? How to do that?

Alternatively, is there any way to call a program's certain dialog box from outside the program? So I could call my desired window directly, without doing the things above? Can this be done somehow?

I appreciate any help. Thanks. Sorry for my bad english.

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