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Asprotect 1.33 Unpackme


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Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else has the Asprotect 1.33 unpackme's appearing with corrupted icons (however they seem to work fine). I post a screenshot here to show what I mean.

I get this on 2 different computers running 2 different os (w2ksp4+XPsp2) with completely different HW. Kinda ruled out the driver thing this way.


Im thinking maybe it's a winrar issue? I dunno... I assume these unpackme's have the same Icon as all other Ted's unpackme's? I downloaded at least 50% of them now, and none of the others appear this way... any ideas?


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maybe someone could recompress them with zip or something else and post somewhere so I can see if it's my winrar doing it or not. :)

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