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How To Compile Out Of Winasm To Masm Engine?


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I like Winasm to do the editing of the asm file. Is there a way to have the text pass to MASM? The only way I've been doing it is save asm file within and reopening it in qeditor.

Its a pita, I've looked through the options but can't put a finger on how to pass the arguments to the program. I use the "build all" option to compile the file without issue and its easy

Any thoughts for an easier solution?


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I'm not really sure I understood what you want to do (take a look at my flag and you'll understand...).

If you want to compile your assembly files you've written in WinAsm with the MASM compiler, you do not have to open it with any other editor. Just compile it inside WinAsm. If you entered the path to the compiler rigth and created a new assembly project inside WinAsm (which consists of a *.wap and a *.asm file), you can compile it in WinAsm...

I'd say you forgot to create a new project instead of creating a single *.asm file. So, just create a project (maybe with a template) and compile it.

You can also add you specific assembler and linker options to MASM. Create a project and check out the project settings.

Hope it was right I said... ;)


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That is what I thought. Problem is that a new project needs creation everytime? MASM you can just launch the asm file and compile it right there. New project is what I'm trying to get around..........I guess that isn't a valid solution. Makes it messy...... :(


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New project is what I'm trying to get around
Do you already got the "New Project Wizard Add-In" for your WinAsm ?

If not, give it a shot... :)

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I usually code in Notepad+ and use a .bat file to compile. That way I get to code with decent syntax highlighting without fussing around with projects etc. Running the batch file compiles it all up for me. I'm sure you could do the same with your IDE - if you're interested, the batch looks something like this (in your .asm directory, of course):

@echo off
if exist keygen.exe del keygen.exe
if exist keygen.obj del keygen.obj
if exist rsrc.res del rsrc.res
if exist rsrc.obj del rsrc.obj\masm32\bin\ml /c /coff keygen.asm
\masm32\bin\rc rsrc.rc
\masm32\bin\cvtres /machine:ix86 rsrc.res
\masm32\bin\Link /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS keygen.obj rsrc.objif exist keygen.obj del keygen.obj
if exist rsrc.obj del rsrc.obj
if exist rsrc.res del rsrc.res
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