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[unpackme] Starforce Pro (build 29.01.07)

Teddy Rogers

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-=[ ProtectionID v6.0 *PRiVATE* ALPHA ]=- © CDKiLLER & [x/xxx]

Build 2007-01-25

> Ready

Scanning -> E:\StarForce 3.xx\protect.dll

File Type : Dll, Size : 4301026 (041A0E2h) Bytes

-> File has 3948770 (03C40E2h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 056000h

[!] Starforce v4.50.07.00 (Build 29.01.07) detected !

[!] [PROTECTiON LEVEL] -> Starforce Professional

- Scan Took : 1.828 Seconds

starforce professional wrapped notepad... haha me wonders if anyone is going to mess around with it.

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it would be nice to really see tut about unpacking it .. but i dont think someone will do it soon...

I doubt anybody will share this kind of knowledge ;)


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Unfortunately at a cursory glance it appears that none of the more advanced protection options are present here. Just the simple API splicing, which can easily be fixed :(

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i can quote my friend "SF 4.5+ is like UPX since they removed many tricks due to compatibility with Vista, 3.5-3.7 was much harder"

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reset trial for starforced notepad...:

1. open registry, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software, find section with name SF and remove it;

2. go to %systemdrive%:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents and open desktop.ini. Remove all strings after last string beginning with "PersonalizedName=xxxxx"

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thx i will try it... ;)

edit : i can unpack, by using attach file not open... how to defeat, activation system ?

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