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I want (finally :P ) start learning my 1st program language and I'd like to know with which language you have started,

or which do you recommend to an total program newbie like me ;) .

(btw. I'm young and ambitious :P )

Best regards :D


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I'll move this to programming section...

I've personally started with pascal (in high school), moved on to Delphi, PHP, bcb, VC6 done some C# recently. It basically doesn't matter in which language you start. I just don't recommend VC6. It can be little hard on newbies. Microsoft didn't write it for people who didn't attend their programming camps :) So you can either start with Delphi, or BCB, or VS.NET and work with WinForms in .NET (Microsoft fixed stuff by buying Borlands developer studio)

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without a doubt C..then move on to C++(not much of a diff..except for features)...then an other language u wanna learn..it will be really easy for you..Best of Luck..Any help regarding coding,feel free to ask me..(and GFXing too :lol:;) )

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Every Cracker Must Start With C Or MASM :)

After You Learn Some Basics In It You May Try Other Langauges But Don't Try To Learn VB6 For Lazyness It Doesn't Give You The Features That Are Used In Other Programs ,VC++ Is Too Diffecult To A Starter So Try To Start Programming Step By Step Until You Really Become Pro' In Programming ;)

MASM Is Cool Too Easy Nice Cool And Fast For Programs But The Real Problem In It Is That You Must Know How To Use It Right "Experience" And You Must Know That To Program KeyGens It's Very Use Full But Some Times It Takes Too Much Time.

Good Luck.....!!

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I really recommend C++. You can use the Visual C++ Studio from M$, but I think it's better to start with console programs... they're easier, at first (but WinApi is more powerful, I'd say).

Then, I can also recommend MASM. If you cracked before, this won't be too hard.

I dislike VB, Delphi, Java or something like that... But if there any good arguments for it, you can use them too (but I think they're too slow and need special runtime libraries).


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Thank you really much for so much good answers!

Can't answer earlier because I was in the holidays.

hmm next year I'm going to a special computer school so I look now in which language I should start (I will tell you :) ), and than I'm gonna read some books :P

Already Thank you and best regards


Edit: I think I'll start witch C

Is there a (big) difference between C and C#,

and which is better to start with?

thx again.

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YEAH there is a Difference between C# and C

is the Difference is the level of Programming C Programs DOS "Non GUI" apps and it's easy to start with and quite nice for having a Background for any other Programming Language ,also C# is more Functioned than the C so it might be a lil bit harder for you to start with it if you don'y have any Experience in Programming so i advice you to

start C and not C# after learning C trust me every thing will be much esier and you'll be ready to learn any other languages easly and fastly

cause you'll have the Important info you need to know about Programming by learning C ;)

Good Luck Bro'

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Hm, just a little more information about the C/C++/C# thing...

C is an (old) programming language which does not take care of things like OOP (object-oriented programming, things like classes, polymorhpy (<- is that the right english word?) etc. pp.). Instead of objects, C programs mainly consist of several, small functions. It has some standard libraries and can also handle WinApi, so in fact it's possible to make GUI based programs with C. And - not to forget - C programmers really LOVE thei pointers... And shoot around with null-pointers. :)

C++ is the evolution of C (recognized by the two +, of course). It can used to program with objects (OOP, see above) and has some bugfixes and almoste the same syntax as C. With an C++ compiler like Visual Studio from M$, you can also write C programs - it is fully-compatible. It can of course use the WinApi and has also it's own library with standard functions (lstrcpyA/W instead of C's strcpy). Things like Templates make it easy to program with C++. - I like it very much and I would suggest it to you, too. And, as I've just written, it is compatible to C (And the use of pointers is not dangerous as in C because you can use SmartPointers which can only be made out of classes).

C#... is the other language. ;) It uses a (wannabe) platform-independent framework, I bet you've heard from it: the .NET Framework, now in version 3 with Windows Vista. The framework has been already ported to Linux (I'm sure of version 2). C# has neraly the same syntax as C and C++ (which, generally speaking, have the same syntax), although it uses some new concepts like the Garbage Collector (which frees allocated memory at the ned of the program). It has a big collection of classes and functions which is being extended with every new framework version (GUI is possible, too. Very easy due to the very smart Eventhandlers).

But since .NET programs are running in kind of a virtual machine (like Java programs do, too), they're not as fast as C or C++ programs. There's a rumor that M$ will change that in Windows Vienna - then, the WinApi's code is running in a vm and .NET "normally".

I really would suggest C++, but it's not a big step from C to C++. I also tried out C#, but due to it's slow code operation I have no great use for it. And the framework doesn't support some things I like - functions for memory-writing, thread contexts, etc. pp.

Huh, such a big text... Hope I could help you. =)

Happy learning!

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BIG thx to you!

Thx that u took u the time 2 write that!!!

Relly good description m8!

Last week I bought me now this big C-book ("C von A bis Z" vielleicht kennst du es ;) ) and I already started learning with it - and I'm happy =)

I think it was a good choice to choose "C".

Best Regards,


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Take a look at "Einstieg in C++" to be found at Galileo Press, which is a good introduction to standard C++ with basic variables, pointers, char operations, o/c OOP and several other things, also STL.

Just if you're going to learn C++ which is imho the best thing to do, as C is way too oldschool for me to be worth the effort learning it.

Anyway, it's your choice :)

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