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Write A Serial Without...


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hi all,

i get troubles here

i don't know what is functions that used to write a serial in a keygen auto without press any key or btn

could somone give me example for that? :help

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it's not that hard :)

you should use the same Function for writing it it the keygen by Pressing the key "I mean SetDlgItemTextA" Function and use it after the Serial Generation Without Using the Press Function For Example

".if wParam == "Generate Buttons ID" this Line should be removed and the SetDlgItemTextA Function Should Be Right After the Generation Progress to make sure it works fine "no to get lost actualy :) "

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u mean serial should be made and printed as ur typing the user input

.elseif uMsg == WM_COMMAND

mov eax,wParam

.if ax==NAME_EDIT ; ----> NAME_EDIT is name input edit box

shr eax,16

.if ax==EN_CHANGE

invoke CalcProc,hWnd ;----> Call Keygen Routine



.elseif eax == WM_CLOSE

invoke EndDialog, hWnd, 0


xor eax,eax


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Well, in C++ it's always the easiest way to use


Name = GetDlgItemTextA(blah);

Key = CalculateSN(Name);

SetDlgItemTextA(Key, blah);


It's a little bit harder to add a handler for the button, shouldn't be an unsolvable problem tho ;)

Not in MASM either...

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i don't know what is functions that used to write a serial in a keygen auto without press any key or btn
I read, that u're on WinAsm -

so take a look at Goppit's Tutorial from ARTeam,

and u'll find exactly what you need... ;)


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This is what I use when I get around to keygenning:

								 .if ax==1000
invoke GetDlgItemTextA,hWin,1000,offset szWhiterat,90
mov EAX,offset szWhiterat
invoke GetDlgItemTextA,hWin,1000,offset szWhiterat,255
.if eax == 0
invoke SetWindowText,hEdit2,chr$("Please enter a name!")
jmp @finish
.elseif eax > 40
invoke SetWindowText,hEdit2,chr$("Name too Long!")
jmp @finish
.elseif eax < 3
invoke SetWindowText,hEdit2,chr$("Name too Short!")
jmp @finish
call generation
invoke SetWindowText,hEdit2,ADDR Serial

IDC_TEXTBOX equ 1000


p.s dont forget to EM_SETLIMITTEXT otherwise if the inputted name gets too long it will start overwriting strings in your keygen.

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