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Defuse_me #1 (vb .net)


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DefuseMe #1

SerialFishing, Patching, (& Keygenning?)....

Ready, Steady, Go !

-Homage to an old arcade game in the 80's (BombJack).

-Written in VB .NET and not packed.

-Needs .NET 2 to be installed.

-No antis or difficult algos,

but I tried to make it not too easy...

Find a working serial to make the background spin.

When approaching the serial, bombs begin lighting up...

Finally defuse all bombs, but do NOT just erase 'em at all !

So you should see all spinning without burning fuses...


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  • 4 months later...
Here the patch
Perfect :D
Question: Can't I attached a file here?
U will be able to, when u've got some more nice posts ;)
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  • 2 weeks later...
do you know how to reverse a crackme protected by MaxToCode.
Thanks for the CrackMe,

but the protector, u were using, turns out to be a real b*

Ok, no way for Reflector, since simply everything's hidden -

but even no way to dump the process out of the memory !

But tKC went SICE and is trying to approach -

If somebody's interested...MaxtoCode.rar


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Thanx UFO for the file. I know that it's difficult. :D . We can't unpack it easily (I've tried to unprotect in many ways). tKC made a great job. Hope that he can unprotect it.


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