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Sir Teddy Rogers


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hi all

hi sir Ted.

how are you?

from first visit to this forum

i feel all topics here it will good and helping newbie like me


when i read topics here just i need to Reflects my pleasure or my opinion to the topic so i say thanks or many thanks

so sir Ted.

is there any problem with this statements? :dunno:

or is that statements Contradict any rules? :dunno:

when i came to this forum and before post anything i read all the rules here

so could you tell me :(

why sir Ted. put me in Junior - Locked group forever ? :(

if i'm wrong sir Ted. ok

Ban me now and forever

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You were locked in Junior group because at the time half of your posts consisted in some form of, "thanks", "cool", or something along those lines. Whilst I have no objection to anyone posting any of those messages, with good reason, it is tiring to read consecutive posts like these from the same person in multiple topics.

If you use the forum actively and sensibly then you will not be locked in Junior group forever - people do get out of that group. Please don't ask when or how long because thats something admins will have to decide when they are ready.

You will get just as much benifit from this forum whether you are in Junior group or Members, only benifits being in Members is you get to use extra forum features. Its all in the rules... :)


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