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Crack Me 7# / By Angel-55


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hii guys what's up ??

this is one of the few Crack Me's i made for newbies.....!!

it's quite easy and programmed in VB6 (Not .Net) just for Helping you Understand Algorithms

The :rule1:

try Fishing The Serial ;)

ohh and one more thing there is a quize after you Find the Right Serial ;)

Download Link:


i hope you'll like it :^

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If you take from the road that does not understand nothing on

reversing it finds the serial of this Crackme!!!

Serial: 111-222-333-444-555-666


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Nice One :) I have done a small Patch.....

00497E1D . /0F84 C4000000 JE Crack_Me.00497EE7


00497E1D . /0F84 00000000 JE Crack_Me.00497EE7

greetz eXLoCk

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... The rule: try Fishing The Serial ;)

ohh and one more thing there is a quize after you Find the Right Serial ;)


No PATCH!!! Before posting read the rules ;) If you it's possible to do a serial do it!! Patching is the part if nothing will work!

Greetz Jada^AoC

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Here you should learn something and not how fast you can do without thinking about what you do!!! If you don't know why we do it forget it and search for another hobby!

Greetz Jada^AoC

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HaHa Chill man ;) I know this .... and this is my hobby cant change :P wolf in o sk



MOV AX, 15h
MOV BX, 10h
End Start
Find The Segment's DX Value....


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hhh quite easy right :) ??

Congratulations you fished you r serial but i wanna ask you

did you understand the algorithims ??

they are too damn easy so try to if not


this Crack me uses the FPU System Calculator :P hhh


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Totuuan i must admit you did a real great job at keygenning

and the hard part is gone i see you understood the Algorithms and it's nice

i bit that only a few got it but still nice work and as for the keygen it works fine

but how about skepping the randomaly serial and try getting the input serial from the user

and then calculate it i guess that would be better bro' !!

and again nice work ;)

Hope You Enjoyed>>>>>> E.C.X

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thanks Angel-55, encouraging words for me, i like much to reverse...

i coded keygen to generate random serial to minimize user input, but no problem to modify it the way you suggest...

and yes, i enjoyed it :) i used a little olly, vbreformer to caught events entry points, and smartcheck...

i can attach source code (vb written) and algorithm steps...

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yeah if you want you can but

if you can't create the keygen for user input "because of some excuses N.P dude"

don't but at least i know you did that challenge right ;)

keep up the good work !!

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i followed your suggestion Angel-55, and changed keygen: now user can input serial (or choose auto serial)


here is algo:

given v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6 the six values (ordered left to right) of serial,

tmp1 = (v2 * v6) * (v4 + v5)

tmp2 = tmp1 + (v1 - v3)

unlock = tmp2 + (v2 * v2)

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