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i saw the latest patch for Slysoft Products by Markhus .... as usal it rocks ....and one more thing i like in it was ... the find file

if we want to scan a file in a specific dir we can use FindFirstFile

but how does markhus find the exe when the patch is not in same dir ...

he may use reg entries to find if the soft is installed ... but then how does he specify the patch to the target !

i have alraedy pm'd markhus for this ... but i didnt get any reply .... its ok if this is "internal"

btw Markus a big "thumbs-up" for this excellent work on slysoft !

hope to hear from soon for the gurus


PS* since my question is releated to a SnD release plz dont take it negatively (u know what i mean ...)

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i think it's a file browser that allows you to check the file your self

it could be done in assembly and it's very easy.......

BTW, not all programs got there EXE's file path in the registry !

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nah he hasnt used browsing

.... it automatically finds the taget files irrespective of folder or Partition !

i dont know how he has done it ... but its kool

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I would have thought it would read from the registry since the speed it does it in is good, scanning the disk for a filename is:

A) Time Consuming

B) Waste of Resources

C) Just a bad idea!

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Slysoft Products keep thier registry keys in the same positions in the registry always. (I have them and the patch+regfile slipstreamed into my installation cd.) So I gather he is probly finding them in exactly that way.

It is brilliant work :)

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@ Fungus

yea ...

when i first saw this i was kind of bafeled .... that how could he path the target file so fast .... lol

and i sure now it read from registry ! ... if he scans the whole HDD ... it will take some time . . .

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