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Needed .net Unpackme !

Guest Newbie_Cracker

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Guest Newbie_Cracker

Sorry for starting this topic, but I'm on writing a tut about a generic method for unpacking all .NET craps. I wanna test more than 4 Unpackmes prepared by Teddy.

Is there any packer instead of NSPack and Refractor?

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Yes; Themida, Thinstall, PeCompact, .NETZ, .NET Shrinker, .NET Reactor, Deploy.NET, Spices.NET.

Those are some of the ones at the top of my head but there are more obfuscators. You'd probably find a few more if you look in Packer/Protector releases section of the forum.

I've got plans for making some new .NET unpackme formats. Its on the long list of things to do when I get time... :)


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PECompact supports .NET apps ?

I remember version 2.74 having alpha support for .NET but in later version they simply removed the feauture saying it would come soon...

Which version are you talking about, Ted ?

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