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Crackme #8 :: Anx


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Hi folks. I have a new CrackMe for you all...

* packed with home-brewed packer
* import table protection
* simple OEP protection + function hash + CRC routine
* customized MD5 for serial generation routineInstructions:
* do not patch the registration routine
* write tutorial + CodeGen to recieve Delphi sourcesanorganix@gmail.com

Grab it from:

Have phun with it!


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I got some snippets and ideas from the www, and at this stage it's not automated at all. Some things are done with the packer, some by hand to make a working exe. As I will go further, I will keep you posted.

Regards, and good job with the solution!


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Here's a serial and unpacked file, sorry but I'm no keygenner... :(

Unpacked file crashes on my XP SP2 system. If I get time, I'll investigate why.

EDIT: For those interested, Anorganix has released the source over on ARTeam's forum

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