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Just manually unpack.

First timers may need to chew a little on this.

I haven't made it difficult though : it's meant as a challenge only for those a little better than complete starters



[EDIT] : It may fail to run on non NT-based systems though.

NAV may recognise it as a virus due to the crypter. It is not ....

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Good job Sonny.

Have you recognised the rest ?

==> winUpack --> PEC --> molebox

And yep, I like PEC, that's why I purchased it some time ago : it's an honest packer with an excellent ratio (and no fuzz with hiding malware in its packed files like some protectors).


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thanks for the info of the packers. i recognised UPack because of the sections, PEC because of its EP and didn?t know about MoleBox, although I thought I that this strange CALL EAX at the end was kind of known to me :P

But for good packing ratio I still prefer WinUpack and if this doesn?t pack my app I use NSPack.


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