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Mew 11se 1.2/pecompact 2.x Unpackers With Masm-source


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My first and i think last attempt to "writing my own unpacker". I wanted to learn something about PE format and ImportTable so i wrote this two "unpackers". I do not think the sources/solutions are very smart, so dont expect too much ;) .

Mew unpacker: for MEW 11 SE v1.2 packed executables


Un2Pec: tested with PECompact 2.55/2.64/78/79

written for 2.79 only (but it seems to work with older versions of PECompact)

tested linkers/compilers: VB5/6,MSVC++6/7, lcc32,

MASM/TASM, Borland Delphi 5/7.

tested PECompact plugins: most of the packer plugins (retail version) and the anti-debug/api-redirection/GetProcAddress emulation plugins.

Would not work with EAD-"protected" executables (EAD: some cusom "exchanged antidebug plugin" which users can by for $400+), because i didnt found any targets - and i would not write some extracode for this curiosity ;) .


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Didnt have a look at the sources, but unless you use heavy debug stuff to watch and direct the module, it should work...

Dunno what it achieves, actually, but it should work as well...

I assume there are only some additional Olly SICE detection tricks

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