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Start And Close Up Style !


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i saw a couple of works by a team...where the main dialog box opened from a point......

i mean froma point to the dialog box....

i was wondering how does one proceed to attain this !



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mess around with the "AnimateWindow"

The AnimateWindow function enables you to produce special effects when showing or hiding windows. There are three types of animation: roll, slide, and alpha-blended fade.


heres an example

invoke AnimateWindow,hWnd,1000,AW_CENTER+AW_ACTIVATE
invoke AnimateWindow,hWnd,1000,AW_CENTER+AW_HIDE

an example app using this method


Source here

Animate.rar :thumbsup:

I hope this helps :^

also dont forget you can change how long it takes it to expand/shrink

invoke AnimateWindow,hWnd,1999,AW_CENTER+AW_ACTIVATE  - Slow
invoke AnimateWindow,hWnd,199,AW_CENTER+AW_ACTIVATE -Fast
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Thanx all....

Animate window is kool to play around with

btw....When using AnimateWindow the transparent buttons are not handled well and are drawn as visible in the foreground.

is there anyway to handle this situation !


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