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Problem Downloading Script


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problem downloading script

Yodas Protector 1.03 Oep Finder + Iat Fixer

http://www.tuts4you.com/blogs/e107_files/downloads/scripts/index.php?file=Yodas Protector 1.03 OEP Finder + IAT Fixer.txt

Cannot Open File!

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For some reason downloading .txt files which have "+" in the filename seem to be causing this issue.

I hope to have all these scripts moved to the main content manager sometime tomorrow. Things should work better then.

Thanks for the report...


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Teddy, the authors name of the Yodas Protector 1.03.2 Unpacking tutorials (both) are marked incorrectly. It must be Hagger( Tutorial 1) and Kienmanowar(Tutorial2) instead of the current names.


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You are right, I'm sorry about this, a really big mistake on my part. I appreciate that you notified me about this. Everything should be corrected now... :thumbs:


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