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Good Language To Start With?

Guest Biff

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I'm sure this question has been asked as well as answered before, but I searched and browsed the board and could only find posts dealing with how to learn various languages. My question is: for someone who's just getting into reversing/programming, what's a good language to learn? Learning a programming language is definitely beneficial to reversing, cause that way you know what's going on! I do know that there are many different programming languages and therefore in the end the decision will be mine, but I was thinking of learning C and then ASM, or just starting with ASM. Any thoughts? What did you do when you first started?

Thank you

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I started with asm, and found it pretty easy to understand. Some good examples of simple dialogs and basic asm priciples can be found in canterwood's releasesat


and iczilion's tutorials at


Good luck :)

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C/C++ are always a good start. I'll admit its hard at times, but you come out know the (or atleast one of the) most powerful languages out there.

Java is a good language to learn how to program (syntax, expressing yourself in code, etc), but it isn't very powerfull, and you'll quickly out grow it.


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Thanks for the replies as well as the encouragement - I appreciate it! Ehtyar, do you program in other languages now besides asm? I would think that reversing while learning asm would help you get a really good understanding of it. Anyway, I think I'm going to try to start off learning asm, follow some reversing tuts (I already found a lot of those!), take it slow and hopefully I'll learn something. haha, thanks again :)

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A lot of people seem to have the opinion that asm is outdated and "irrelevant". I personally prefer to code any project in asm, you have the most unbelievable freedom to do whatever you like. I admit c is faster to code in, but asm just has a certain alure for me. I have a most passionate hatred for java, both its syntax and virtual machine bull****, same for vb though i am capable of coding in it (as is any 12 year old given a day or two). In short yes i do code in other languages, but asm is easily my favorite. I code for MASM, though most of the popular assemblers are fairly portable. Hope all goes well for you, ill keep an eye out for this topic if you need to post more questions :)

Hope it helps, Ehtyar.

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