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How To Unpack Armadillo 1.84 ?

Guest KibicX

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For anyone that may want info on unpacking arma v1.84...

Run app, find and dump "appname.TMP0", rename .TMP0 to .exe, open dumped in olly and search for GetCommandLineA. Scroll up to the beginning of procedure to find OEP. Change EP of dumped to this OEP with your favorate editor, save and you are done. Just tried it with Armadillo.exe v1.84 and it worked. The good ol' days :^

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  • 6 months later...

Can't find the OEP...

bp GetCommandLineA breaks in the kernel32.dll and i can't find my way out the dll to reach the oep

Some help please...


I'm Using olly

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hey Bro' there are many ways to get to OEP

in an armadillo Protected target one of them is by Setting

a BreakPoint At The CreateThread API And Run Trace A Little

you'll have a Call To A Register Like EDI And ECX Enter It And Voila "OEP"

else Try Setting An Access BP At The Code Section And Run The App' Or Better

Using The Exception Way To Get To OEP It's Really Easy But sucks Some Times :)

Any Way There Might Be A Magic Jump On Any Other Features

Enabled In The File So try Scanning Using Armadillo Find Protected !!

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Armadillo Find Protected doesn?t recognise 1.xx and 2.xx versions...

Manually detection of used protections is needed ;)


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THX bigtime... no one has the tutorials cos its old...

since im a newbiee i fing it wery usefill :devil:

thx guys one more time!!!

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