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Swordfish 1.3

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About This File

Swordfish is an OllyDbg 2 plugin, supports many useful features to simplify the OllyDbg use.

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


  • 12/05/2013 (version 1.3 released by Insid3Code)
  • [+] Added OpenPGP certificates (Check integrity of our products).
  • [+] Added possibility to set Coulour and Highlighting.
  • [+] Added experimental shortcut to OllyDbg settings (Set Auto analysis for main module or all modules).
  • [x] Improvement of help file.
  • [!] Sworfish project has been passed to my own team (Insid3Code).
  • 04/05/2013 (version 1.2 released by AT4RE)
  • [+] Added possibility to set list of "Offset breakpoints" from external file.
  • [+] Added possibility to custom and load HideDbg option from external file.
  • [x] Fixed memory leak.
  • [x] Small improvement of Open file dialog to only allow breakpoint files (*.bpts).
  • [x] Small improvement of help file.
  • [x] Changed breakpoint menu caption (API/Offset added).
  • [x] Improvement of internal "udd" cleaner engine.
  • 15/04/2013 (version 1.1 released by AT4RE)
  • [x] Fixed conflict with OllyExt 1.2 plugin (thanks to cxj98 for report).
  • [+] Added possibility to set list of "API breakpoints" from external file.
  • [+] Added Hide debugger (see features).
  • [+] Added FLASH msg to display plugin's messages.
  • 31/03/2013 (version 1.0 released by AT4RE)
  • [+] Tools (see features)
  • [+] Hide debugger (see features)
  • [+] Set breakpoints (see features)

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