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OllyPortable v0.1

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About This File

OllyPortable is my portable version of OllyDbg extended with plugins and patches for a good looking and decently working debugger environment.

Main features:

- Good looking buttons (thanks to the author of Olly Shadow)

- Full portability (OllyPath.dll, source is included)

- Tested & working on both XP SP3 and Win7 x64

- Manifest to make olly look less Win98

- Useful plugins, sometimes with custom patches

Plugin descriptions:

- analyzeThis: Analyze code outside the code section of the debugged program.

- Asm2Clipboard: Quickly copy ASM code (with labels) to the clipboard.

- ClearUDD: Plugin to clear the UDD directory from within olly.

- CmdBar: Command bar to quickly set breakpoints/registers etc.

- DataRipper: Rip selected data in various formats.

- HiddenThreads: Plugin that finds hidden threads.

- ICanAttach2: Plugin that fixed anti-attach tricks.

- ida_sigs: Plugin to import IDA signatures to the debugged file.

- IDAFicator: Great plugin with many features, check the manual.

- MnemonicHelp: Simply plugin that loads a help file for the selected mnemonic.

- ModuleBCL: Import&Export labels, comments and breakpoints.

- multiasm_odbg: Extremely useful plugin for writing code caves.

- ODbgScript: Script OllyDbg (Patched by me)

- ODBJscript: Script OllyDbg using javascript

- oDump: Fixed version of OllyDump that bypasses anti-dump techniques.

- OllyCopy: Great plugin to copy addresses, bytes and patterns to the clipboard.

- OllyFlow: Generate an IDA graph from analyzed code.

- OllyWow64_0.2: Compatibility plugin for WOW64

- RemoveCriticality: Plugin that fixes an exploit that could crash the system when debugging.

- SehSpy: Show the SEH context before the reached exception.

- SigMaker: Easily make patterns and signatures.

- StollyStruct: Plugin that allows viewing memory in structure form (Patched by me)

- StrongOD: Hide & Bugfix plugin (Patched by me)

- TLSCatch: Plugin that sets a breakpoint on TLS callbacks (when found)

- X_CRYPTO: Plugin to hash bytes or text inside olly.

I also included the help files for ODbgScript, ODBJScript, Multiasm, Win32 API and x86 opcodes. The list of patches and source code used can be found in the 'Patches' directory.


Mr. eXoDia

What's New in Version v0.1


  • - Initial release

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